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            webeyeCMS Android v2.4 Update - Change to Alarm Notification

            webeyeCMS for android has been updated today (25th October 2017) to v2.4. This update should be available for users within 24 hours worldwide.

            Change to Alarm Notification

            At present, alarm notification sounds are played through the Media channel. That means that if you want to silence the alarm you need to turn the same volume level down as you would if you wanted to turn down music, or maybe a Youtube video.

            Android supports two additional channels: Ring and Alarm . Most notifications, whether they be for an SMS or a Facebook message, come through the Ring channel. Your alarm in the morning will, unsurprisingly, use the Alarm channel. So if you mute the Ring channel you won't get any notifications, but media will still play, and your alarm in the morning will still go off. Likewise, if you mute the Alarm channel then you'll overlay in the morning.

            This update will change the notifications to use the Ring channel for low-priority notification (i.e. arm and disarm), but high-priority notifications (such as intrusions) will come through the Alarm channel.

            So if you put your phone on Do Not Disturb but allow Alarms Only , you won't be bothered by arms and disarms but intrusions will still come through.

            November 2017 v2.5 Update

            Alternatively, you can choose to have all app notifications use the notification/ring volume.

            To do this, press the menu button at the top right of the page and select settings. From here you have the option to not play notification audio using the alarm channel. If this is set to 'ON', all incoming notifications will use the notification/ring volume.

            Changing Alarm Notification Volume

            The volume of incoming high-priority notifications (such as intrusions) can be adjusted by changing the Alarm volume on your Android phone.

            This can be done in various ways depending on the device you are using:

            Using Stock Android (Nexus and Pixel phones)

            The Alarm volume can be adjusted by pressing the volume up or down key, selecting the drop down icon and adjusting the volume for 'Alarm'.

            Using Samsung Phones

            The Alarm volume can be adjusted by opening the Clock application, selecting the + icon to add an alarm (fig 1.), and then by using the volume keys (fig 2.).

            Fig 1

            Fig 2

            Other Android Devices

            If you are using a different android device and the steps above do not work, you may need to read your phone manual for information on changing the Alarm volume.

            Updated: 28 Nov 2017 11:00 PM
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