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            New Video Email Notification Removal

            In our continued mission to provide you with the most effective alarm receiving solution possible, we have always listened to our customers and based our road-map upon a combination of our own vision, and your feedback. In some cases, the features may be a short-term solution while we implement a more complete feature, and in these cases the old solution will eventually be phased out.

            The New Video Email is the first feature to be phased out as part of this ongoing development.

            Currently you can receive an email to notify you when a new video has been received for a given device. The process for this requires you contact technical support, who need to manually configure a number of servers, and to let you know that it has been completed. This is a time-consuming, manual process for both our technical support team, and also yourselves. If you move the device then the process breaks and you need to request it again - Clearly this is not an ideal solution.

            We recommend that you refer to the device reports within webeyeCMS, which are available for all users with reporting permissions. Simply navigate to the site and choose to view Devices on Site. From there, if you have permission to view reports, each device will display a Reports button. From this report, you can view all of the signals sent from that device, including videos.

            If you do not have permission to view reports but need access, please contact your organisation's administrator, who can apply this permission by editing your user profile.

            Video emails will not be offered after webeyeCMS v2.10 is launched, which is scheduled for March 2018. You can continue to access the 'New Video email service' it you are a current user until the new release but it will be unavailable to other customers.
            If you use webeyeCMS on the go, with our Android or iOS apps, you may like to know that we will be adding device reporting to these apps around the same time. The ability to share videos will also be included, so all of the functionality that you get with the current emails will be automatically available for all of your connected systems.
            Thank you for your continued support of webeyeCMS, and we look forward to bringing you more new features as part of the world's most reliable cloud-based alarm system.
            Updated: 12 Mar 2018 12:07 AM
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