Reconeyez - Setup Guide for webeyeCMS

Reconeyez - Setup Guide for webeyeCMS

Reconeyez - Setup Guide for webeyeCMS

This guide will allow you to set up an 'Area' within the Reconeyez platform to alarm through to webeyeCMS.

Prior to setting up devices, you will need to make sure that a gateway has been set up for your company between Reconeyez and Webeye. If you are unsure, contact the technical support team.

How the integration works

Webeye will receive all signals and videos from devices in a specific 'area' on Recoeneyz. This will include Bridges, Cameras, Sirens and any other device that is capable of triggering a signal.

Setting up a new device (area)

Acquiring the area number

Firstly, you will need to get the area number from the Receoneyez platform. Go to the area and look for the URL at the top of the page. The number at the end of the URL is the Area number which will be required.

Setting up the device on Webeye

  1. Once a site has been created on Webeye, select Create Device.
  2. Name the device however you wish.
  3. The serial number will be REC- followed by the area number. (EG, for the example area above, the serial would be REC-5205).
  4. Select whether you wish to receive Arm/Disarm/Periodic tests as an alarm through to your operators
  5. Signal Poll Failure checks can be set to as low as every hour as the bridge will always send a routine check-in at once an hour.
  6. Once Done, select Create new device at the bottom of the page.
  7. On the Configure device page, select the correct time zone (usually pre-filled with the site's time zone).
  8. The schedule can be used to block signals from going to operators however we usually recommend using the schedule from within the Reconeyez platform.
  9. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
You should now see a new device created on Webeye which will receive all signals for that area within Reconeyez.

Device Indexing (Reconeyez Platform)

To ensure your devices are easily identifiable within Webeye, you'll need to ensure that device indexing has been correctly implemented on the device(s) within the Reconeyez platform. Indexing your cameras properly will also allow you to add enumerations/channels to the device on webeyeCMS for muting an individual camera.

See the steps on how to do this below: 
  1. On the Reconeyez platform, navigate to Devices, and select your device from the list
  2. From here, you'll see the name of the device at the top and a pencil Edit icon. Press this pencil and add a relevant number within square brackets, then hit the Save icon when done.

  3. This will then show against the relevant signals as then enter the webeyeCMS platform, see below as an example:

Recommendation - We recommend always having the bridge device as [1].

Example indexing (Reconeyez platform):
  1. BRIDGE [1]
  2. Camera 1 [2]
  3. Camera 2 [3]
  4. Siren [4]