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    webeyeCMS Release Notes

    Version 3.6 - 12th August 2021

      Support Details

       UK - 0115 714 9990
       US - (863) 336-6527

      Monday to Friday - 08:00-22:30 
      Saturday and Sunday - Closed 

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        • webeyeCMS Platform

          Latest Release: v3.6.6 - 3rd May 2022 Below you will find a list of features added in recent versions of webeyeCMS. For more information, please contact us via this support portal  v3.6 v3.6.6 Hotfix Release Release Date: 3rd May 2022 Improvements ...
        • OCULi Wireless PIR Camera - Setup & Advanced Configuration

          Each OCULi device comes pre-configured to work with the bundled SIM card and to send alarms through to webeyeCMS. All OCULi devices supplied by Webeye are fitted with battery isolators to prevent unnecessary power usage prior to installation. These ...
        • Common SIM APN Settings

          A full list of APNs for our Current and Legacy SIM cards are available for download below in the pdf document.
        • What is Signal Poll Failure?

          Signal poll failure is a feature provided by webeyecms. When enabled on applicable devices, an alarm will be generated if no signals have been received for a defined period of time. Signal poll failure can be configured upon initial device creation ...
        • webeyeCMS Android v2.4 Update - Change to Alarm Notification

          webeyeCMS for android has been updated today (25th October 2017) to v2.4. This update should be available for users within 24 hours worldwide. Change to Alarm Notification At present, alarm notification sounds are played through the Media channel. ...