Device Data Reports

Device Data Reports

This feature was released with webeyeCMS v3.0 - View the release notes

Device Data Reports

Supported devices can now send additional data to webeyeCMS to be recorded and displayed as a report.

OCULi is currently the only device that supports data reports.

Data Types

The following data types are supported.

These are sent by supported devices at regular intervals to be recorded.

Battery Percentage

The battery percentage data type will record the remaining battery percentage of the device.

The battery percentage is recorded as a percentage (%).

Battery Voltage

The battery voltage data type will record the voltage of the battery within the device.

The battery voltage is recorded in volts (V).

Signal Strength

The signal strength will record the appropriate 2G, 3G or 4G signal strength of the device.

Signal strength is recorded in decibel-milliwatts (dBm).

Signal strength values are negative. The closer to zero the value, the better the signal strength.

Please refer to the following tables for various strength values:

Signal Strength (dBm)
-70 to -85
-85 to -100


Device data reports are accessible via device reporting.


To access device reporting, find a device and select 'Reports'. A device can be found via a site's related devices page:

Or by the site summary found in Manage:

After selecting 'Reports' you will be navigated to the device's reporting dashboard.


If the device supports data reports, the supported data will be shown within the device's reporting dashboard.

The data on display will be limited to the date period that is selected — by default this is the past 7 days.

If no data has been recorded for a specific data type within the period selected, the data type will presented as 'N/A'.

Data Report

To access a specific data report, select the desired data value from the device's reporting dashboard, or use the menu found within the reporting area to choose the desired report.

If you are unfamiliar with reports, please see our reporting guide for an introduction.

A device data report will be similar to other device reports with features including a summary, a graph and a table of data.


The summary section is a summary of data for the time period selected.
  1. Earliest - The first recorded value during the reporting period.
  2. Latest - The last recorded value during the reporting period.
  3. Difference - The difference between the earliest and latest values during the reporting period.
  4. Highest - The highest recorded value during the reporting period.
  5. Lowest - The lowest recorded value during the reporting period.
  6. Average - The average of the recorded values during the reporting period.


The graph shows a day by day summary of recorded values during the reporting period.

Hovering over a day will show the day summary as a popup, this summary contains the same information as the overall summary but for a specific day.

The highlighted area shows the difference between the earliest and the latest values for the day.

A red area indicates a lower latest value compared to the earliest value for the day.

A green area indicates a higher latest value compared to the earliest value for the day.

An orange line above the highlighted area indicates a maximum value for the day.

An orange line below the highlighted area indicates a minimum value for the day.


The table lists all values recorded during the reporting period.

Each row will show when a value was recorded along with the actual recorded value.

The table can be sorted by selecting the header of the row you wish to sort.

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