Alarm Closure Statuses

Alarm Closure Statuses

This feature will be introduced with webeyeCMS v2.10. View the release notes here

Closing Alarms

When closing an alarm in webeyeCMS, you have previously been required to add notes to a free text field that looks similar to this:

This has served us well for many years, but with the reporting functionality that has been built into webeyeCMS for a few years now, it makes it difficult for our customers to get a quick view of how their organisations are performing, and what sort of alarms they are receiving.

So we have introduced a list of predetermined alarm closure statuses that can be selected when closing the alarm instead:

The comments field is now optional but the status is mandatory. This means that quickly recording what the outcome of the alarm is becomes very simple and reporting is now straightforward.


Once your alarm receiving staff are using the correct statuses, you can begin to make sense of your alarms with our new reports:

From here we can quickly see that we have alarms where authorised personnel are on site. We have a few false-alarms, and we also have a maintenance issue that may need investigating.

If we click on one of the statuses we are taken to the Alarm History Report which is filtered to that particular closure status:

If you wish to expand your report you can easily add different statuses in the filter box above the report table, or you can remove any filters by clicking on the cross for that filter.