Adding notes to sites and alarms

Adding notes to sites and alarms

This feature was introduced with webeyeCMS v2.10. View the release notes here

Communication is key, and granting users the ability to both record and retrieve information efficiently is a major factor in this.

For this reason, webeyeCMS now has the ability to add notes to your sites. Not only this, but because in webeyeCMS an alarm is related to a site, you can add a note to an alarm which will also record it against the site.

Let's take a look at how this is done.

In Alarm

When you are handling an alarm, a Notes button is displayed to the right. Clicking on this will bring up the alarm notes at the bottom of the screen

From here you can add a note by clicking on the Add note button in the top-right of the notes section. You can also view existing notes below. When an alarm is deferred (or the deferral cancelled) the notes added at the time are also visible.

You can also optionally load in other notes from the same site that this alarm relates to. These may include maintenance logs or similar that could be relevant to the alarm that you are handling.

To a Site

It is also possible to add a note directly to a site. Simply navigate to the site through the Manage function in the webeyeCMS menu, or use the QuickSearch feature.

If the site is in alarm when you view it you will see a message at the top of the screen, which acts as a quick link to the alarm itself for convenience.

If you wish to add notes to the site then click on the Notes option in the menu to the left. You will now be presented with an option to add notes and to view previous notes, including those left whilst in alarm:

If the site is currently in alarm you will have an option to attach the note to the current alarm. This allows you to determine whether or not the information is relevant to the users who are handling the alarm and to make it more easily available. If it is less relevant then do not attach to the alarm. Alarm handlers will still be able to view these notes 
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