The timeline provides an overview of all events, including Video, Blind and SOS signals, along with any previously closed alarms.

Signals or alarms generated within a short period of time are grouped together on the timeline. 

Selecting a Date/Time period

There are many ways in which you can select a specific period to view. See the below video showing the different ways available.

Viewing Videos

To view a video select an entry from the timeline, a box will appear displaying all videos generated within that time period. To begin playback click on the video. Double-clicking a video signal will snap back to the top of the page. The pop-up box can then be moved around the screen.  

Viewing Previous Alarms

Historical alarms can now be viewed whilst handling an open alarm. To do this, select the entry from the timeline you wish to view. 

INFO: It is recommended when doing this, to defer the alarm you are currently handling. By doing this, other operators will be able to identify the alarm is being handled. See the article relating to the deferment of alarms


The legend displays the different types of signals and alarms found within the timeline. To open the legend click the View Key/Legend button. 

Signifies a day with no new signals or alarms

This means there were new signals generated but went into an existing alarm from previous days

New alarms were generated on this day

Alarm(s) generated whilst having a verified video contained within

An alarm opened on this day was closed down with a reason relating to a type of intrusion, see below for full list

Shows a signal/alarm, currently with no further verification or action

The alarm was closed down with a reason relating to a type of intrusion, see below for full list

Signifies the signal has been verified by analysis (eg Calipsa). Or an alarm that contains a video which was verified by analysis

This is an alarm that contains a verified video and has been closed down with a reason from the below list

Types of alarms that mark an alarm as being actioned: 
  1. Confirmed Intrusion
  2. Police Called
  3. Panic Confirmed
  4. Keyholder Called
  5. Suspicious Activity

Viewing the Timeline through Sites

The timeline for a specific site can also be viewed. To do this, locate the site and select Timeline on the left. 

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