Snapshots can be taken whilst viewing alarm footage or whilst live streaming directly into a camera. These can then be saved as a reference to an alarm, or be sent as an email.
Once a snapshot is taken they can be edited using the tools available through webeyeCMS before sending.

Creating and editing a Snapshot


Pause at the required moment then either use the snapshot button or the three dots under the video. 


Once taken these can then be edited using the tools built in to webeyeCMS, choosing from Rectangle, Text, Blur and Draw. 
The Rectangle, Text and Blur tools are all layered meaning they can be moved and deleted individually. The Pen/Draw tool can only be cleared altogether. 






Saving and Sending

Save, save and email

Sending to keyholders and other with message

Example of Snapshot received via email

Clicking the link on the snapshot will open the image in a browser. 

Viewing snapshots

Can be viewed directly within the alarm the snapshot was taken in, or within the Devices on Site area.

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