AJAX & Webeye

AJAX & Webeye

Please see attached customer guides. 

Guides are as follows:

  1. AJAX Pro Desktop App
  2. AJAX Mobile App
  3. Adding HUB to webeyeCMS
  4. Pairing Devices
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      The battery life of AJAX devices is affected by a numbers of factors. Click here to find out what affects the battery life of your devices and how to extend it.
    • Timeline

      Introduction The timeline provides an overview of all events, including Video, Blind and SOS signals, along with any previously closed alarms. Signals or alarms generated within a short period of time are grouped together on the timeline.  Selecting ...
    • Saving Alarms in Webeye

      By default, all alarms received in to webeye are saved for period of 2 years. This period can be extended by using the 'Save Alarm' feature. How to save both live and closed alarms Upon viewing either a live or closed alarm, selecting the ‘Save ...
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      There are currently 3 ways in which a user can export videos from the webeye platform. All administrator users will have the ability to perform the outlined methods. The specific permissions required are outlined individually per method. 1.    ...
    • Common SIM APN Settings

      A full list of APNs for our Current and Legacy SIM cards are available for download below in the pdf document.